Monday, September 13, 2010

Old Spice

So I know all of you have seen this but just to make sure you have please check this out. I'm sure it will put a smile on your face for all you burly men out there. LOL. Sorry this post is so short but schools a bitch, eh?
How's school or work going for you all?
Also send me your fav Old Spice commercials.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sleepout Zzz..

What's good world? I'm typing this while power balling with my left hand as we speak :P. So forgive me if there are some spelling errors. To get to the point, this year was the start of my very last year as a highschool student. Tradition for all high schools in my province are to have the students organize a sleepout/campout. Basically, it's just a rowdy party at some park, you can either camp if the cops don't harrass you or just spend the night wandering around. Since us being "young adults" we also have some best friends with us to hang out with during the time ie. liquor and such. Hehe. Overall you just get hammered or high, whichever tickles your tastebuds and stay in that state of mind until school starts the following morning.

Personally, my sleepout was pretty rowdy. We spent the night at a park from about 1030-130am and just had a huge group cluster fuck. ROFL. It was pretty weird seeing my entire grade in such a small proximity from one another. Everyone seemed to be there: drammies, jocks, potheads, nerds :). Honestly, I thought it was cool seeing everyone at the same time celeberating with another over the fact that we are now Seniors. The night was going well until this faggot. Who graduated the year above us from our school decides to show up. At first we were okay with people showing up didn't really care like if other schools sleepouts got busted that night, some people wouldn't mind them coming to ours.  But this guy who graduated above us decides to bring his megaphone, flashlight and pretend hes the cops. Obviously us being in the state of mind that we are in hearing a loud voice and a flashlight scramble. It also freaks you out when people yell THIS IS THE POLICE DO NOT TRY TO RUN. Like wtf? who does that? Why would you give a fuck about what our grade does on our sleepout? We didn't fuck up yours or anything. I've concluded that this guy was a complete feg and has nothing better to do in college so he decides to crash high school parties. What also pisses me off are the people from other schools who come to our sleepout and try to pick fights? Like wtf? fuck off? Like who cares if your tougher your easily outnumbered if youre gonna try to pick a fight at another schools "turf" ROFL. Whatever though. Trollers gonna Troll. lulz

What about you world? Any douchebag stories? or Campout stories?
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


What's poppin' world? Whats new since two days ago. :)  I just had a LAN (Local Area Network) Party with some of my friends. Pretty much everyone just brings there computer/laptop and we just game whatever 'till sunrise. I didn't get any sleep earlier but I took a long ass power nap, for about an hour. Enough, about the boring stuff though. At our LAN we played Warcraft III (DotA), Starcraft II, and ofcourse Dragon Ball Z on the Wii. To be honest, I don't know sh*t when it comes to DBZ or Wii so I did what any normal gamer would do, BUTTON MASHbgclyGIkRliUGFLI. Hehe. It was a pretty entertaining game but it is obvious not as balanced out as it should be, seeing as some people have more life than others. Though my main competition was the Ewok named Ewok. Shout out to woooooooj. You should check out his site its something aout an ewok and a jungle LOL. My other friends played SC2 which I have no idea how to play, but I did play SC1. I have to give me thumbs up though, the graphics are alot more GG. My game which I'm not good at though is DotA. 8 of us just played 4v4 obviously. MVP was danztheslayer92. Biggest tank was .AD. Most useless person went to danz.... Though the cooles thing i found at LAN was this fitness orb called a POWER BALL. Theyre pretty much for people who game or people who have to improve there racket skills. My friend CELLTHESLAYER! had a green one and it was so rad I got up to 8385 rpm. It's definetely worth checking out.

Any Powerballers out there? Hows your fapping been since?
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Friday, September 3, 2010

About me and then some (Music)

Hey everyone my names R2r.0 and this is my awesome blog. I'm gonna be sharing with all of you about my interests, hobbies, pet peeves, and whatever catches my attention. First up, is music. Music is a crucial part of my life and pretty much everything needed to succeed. ROFL. Enough with the background. My favourite kinda music is Hip-Hop/Rap. From Curtis Blow to Lil Wayne. East Coast to West Coast. Even T.I. from the south haha. But I wouldn't push myself to listen to that Chamillionare/Soulja Boi Garbage. I just like sitting back with a phat joint and some Pac playing in the background. Hehehe. Heres an example of one of my favourite songs to relax to.

What kinda music do you guys or girls like?

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