Tuesday, September 7, 2010


What's poppin' world? Whats new since two days ago. :)  I just had a LAN (Local Area Network) Party with some of my friends. Pretty much everyone just brings there computer/laptop and we just game whatever 'till sunrise. I didn't get any sleep earlier but I took a long ass power nap, for about an hour. Enough, about the boring stuff though. At our LAN we played Warcraft III (DotA), Starcraft II, and ofcourse Dragon Ball Z on the Wii. To be honest, I don't know sh*t when it comes to DBZ or Wii so I did what any normal gamer would do, BUTTON MASHbgclyGIkRliUGFLI. Hehe. It was a pretty entertaining game but it is obvious not as balanced out as it should be, seeing as some people have more life than others. Though my main competition was the Ewok named Ewok. Shout out to woooooooj. You should check out his site its something aout an ewok and a jungle LOL. My other friends played SC2 which I have no idea how to play, but I did play SC1. I have to give me thumbs up though, the graphics are alot more GG. My game which I'm not good at though is DotA. 8 of us just played 4v4 obviously. MVP was danztheslayer92. Biggest tank was .AD. Most useless person went to danz.... Though the cooles thing i found at LAN was this fitness orb called a POWER BALL. Theyre pretty much for people who game or people who have to improve there racket skills. My friend CELLTHESLAYER! had a green one and it was so rad I got up to 8385 rpm. It's definetely worth checking out.

Any Powerballers out there? Hows your fapping been since?
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  1. I've used a powerball. Can't really tell if it's done me any good.

  2. ^is your fapping duration longer?

  3. Lan parts are the shit. Going to one this friday.